Portsmouth dealer caught with £5,000 worth of drugs

CAUGHT The cocaine which police officers found at the home of Danny Norris, inset.
CAUGHT The cocaine which police officers found at the home of Danny Norris, inset.

Cross-county thief facing six and a half years in jail

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A DRUG dealer caught red-handed with almost £5,000 worth of cocaine while out of prison on licence is back behind bars.

Dad-of-one Danny Norris, who has 21 previous convictions for 62 crimes including drug dealing and money laundering, was caught when police searched his home.

JAILED Danny Norris

JAILED Danny Norris

When officers raided the property in Clacton Road, Wymering, Portsmouth, Norris told them check his coat where they found the drugs hidden.

Police asked the 41-year-old what the white powder was and he told them it was cocaine.

The class A drugs were seized in the raid on September 21 last year.

An expert confirmed the 53.1g of white powder split into wraps of various sizes was cocaine.

Its total value would have been an estimated £4,850 if peddled on the streets.

Police searched another property Norris has connections with and seized £3,900 cash in four packages.

An application made by the Crown Prosecution Service for the money to be confiscated is ongoing in the courts.

David Reid, defending, said Norris bought the drugs on credit as part of a ‘one-man operation’ to boost his income.

He said: ‘He bought the drugs on credit, on tick, and therefore a substantial part of that money which he would have made from selling those drugs would have gone back to pay for the drugs themselves.’

Norris admitted possession with intent to supply class A drugs and was jailed for four years. An order was made for the cocaine to be destroyed.

Recorder David Bartlett, sentencing at Portsmouth Crown Court, said: ‘You committed this offence whilst on licence. It is a repeat offence, it shows a callous disregard for the law. You have been quite open about it – you are doing it for money but you can’t expect the court to treat it leniently.’

Detective Constable Toby Wilson said: ‘The operation involved the use of specialist officers from Portsmouth Priority Crime Team and the Force Support Unit.

‘This is an excellent result for police, Norris is a convicted cocaine dealer and money launderer who when arrested in May 2009 was found in possession of a kilo of cocaine, and £14,000 cash.

‘During the investigation in 2009 an additional £150,000 was seized from Norris which was found in notes hidden in his bedroom.

‘Norris was released from prison on licence until October 2014 for this original offence and is subject to a confiscation order for the £150,000.

‘The taking of Class A drugs in Portsmouth has a detrimental effect on residents. Many burglaries, robberies and like offences are committed solely to fund the habits of the drug users.’