Portsmouth doctor’s surgery drama: ‘Man was carrying a machete’

The Drayton surgery
The Drayton surgery
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A man held by police as he tried to get into a Portsmouth doctors’ surgery was brandishing a machete, witnesses say.

The man, who police said was in his 50s and lives in Cosham, started banging on the door of the Drayton Surgery in Havant Road with the large blade just after 8am yesterday.

It was a huge old blade, not a kitchen knife

Roger Wilson

Police were called in and the man was taken away.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokeswoman told The News the man was being detained for a ‘medical assessment’.

Roger Wilson, 31, Cosham, said he went to the surgery for an appointment shortly after the police arrived and he saw them take the man away.

He said the man had appeared to be acting in an irrational and frightening way.

He said the man had scared the staff who were working in reception at the surgery and they appeared to be in quite a state.

‘He was banging on the door with a huge machete and the receptionists were screaming,’ Mr Wilson said.

‘They must have thought there was a crazy man with a machete trying to get in. Then the police turned up and took him away.’

Mr Wilson said one of the receptionists was crying over the distress caused by the incident.

‘The poor old receptionist was crying her eyes out,’ he said.

Mr Wilson said he was shocked to be greeted by the scene.

He said: ‘It’s not the sort of place that you would expect to see someone turn up with a machete.

‘It was a very strange thing to have happened.’

Mr Wilson said the large machete the man was wielding looked very dangerous.

‘I saw the police with the blade,’ he said. ‘It was a huge old blade – not a kitchen knife.’

Police later said the man was not charged and the issue had been dealt with on ‘mental health grounds’.

The manager at the surgery told The News they did not want to comment on the incident.