Portsmouth man harassed his ex after finding out they had a son

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A JILTED lover carried out a campaign of harassment against his ex-girlfriend after he discovered they had had a child together, a court heard.

Stephen Perry was in a long-term relationship with Carol Gibbs but they split up 11 years ago without him knowing she was pregnant with his child, a judge was told.

When last year Perry discovered he had a son he began bombarding his ex with calls and texts, which became increasingly abusive.

Police gave the 40-year-old a harassment warning and told him not to contact Ms Gibbs but he continued to hassle her.

Prosecutor Giles Fletcher said: ‘Obviously it’s caused her a great deal of distress that the contact has continued despite the fact she took steps to try to avoid him contacting her.’

Unemployed Perry, of St Mary’s Road, Kingston, Portsmouth, pleaded guilty to one charge of harassment from January this year.

Robert Ashworth, defending, said Perry had been shocked to discover he had a son and was keen to get to know the boy.

‘There were no threats,’ he said.

‘It’s nothing other than somebody who was unhappy with what was going on and a man who wanted to see his son.

‘He accepts what he has done.’

Mr Ashworth said Perry still did not have contact with his son.

District Judge Anne Arnold, sitting at Portsmouth Magistrates Court, ordered Perry to carry out 100 hours of community service in the next 12 months.

The district judge also imposed a restraining order banning Perry from contacting Ms Gibbs for the next six months.

‘Breaching that can be dealt with by five years in prison,’ she warned him.