Portsmouth man kicked 70-year-old companion at her home

St Ronan's Road in Southsea
St Ronan's Road in Southsea
  • Court hears Christopher Bainbridge had nowwere to go
  • His companion of 13 years let him stay at hers
  • He then kicked her twice in the stomach following a row
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A MAN has been jailed after assaulting a 70-year-old pensioner who let him stay at her home when he had nowhere else to go.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Christopher Bainbridge attacked the victim and said he would kill her.

She was in pretty vulnerable circumstances

Recorder Anne Arnold

Thomas Horder, prosecuting, said the victim feared Bainbridge, 58, of Festing Grove, had pulled the phone cord out as she called 999.

Mr Horder said a row started when Bainbridge, who had been drinking, arrived at the victim’s home in St Ronan’s Road.

He said: ‘Matters then escalated with this defendant calling the victim a name.

‘Then there was a kick to the area of her stomach and the victim’s response was to grab a wine glass he had been drinking and pour it over his face.’

Bainbridge kicked the victim to her stomach for a second time, Mr Horder said.

She then went to call police and the phone went dead shortly afterwards. She said in her witness statement she believed Bainbridge had pulled the phone wire out, Mr Horder added.

It happened on March 21 at her home in Southsea.

Reading the victim’s statement, Mr Horder added: ‘I find it very difficult to say no to him when he comes round as he has a way of manipulating me and making me feel guilty.’

Bainbridge, who has been the companion of the victim for 13 years, had previously broken the woman’s arm, the court heard.

Mr Horder told the court the incident lasted 15 minutes and when he was arrested Bainbridge claimed he was defending himself.

The court heard the attack on the woman was carried out while Bainbridge was serving a suspended sentence order for grievous bodily harm against the same victim, hospitalising her with a broken arm.

He committed that offence on April 19 and was sentenced for 11 months, suspended for two years in December last year.

Mr Horder said Bainbridge had gone to the victim’s flat and asked for sex.

‘There was an argument, the defendant asked the complainant for sex,’ Mr Horder told the court.

He then called her a rude name.

Mr Horder added: ‘She then slapped him four times across the face.

‘Grabbing her wrist, twisted it to her back, causing her great pain, held it there for some time.’

The victim then went to the toilet and Bainbridge followed, and pushed her when she came out. She got up and Bainbridge left.

He has 17 convictions for 24 offences.

Paul Walker, defending, said: ‘Mr Bainbridge is 58 years of age. One of the continuing problems in his life has been alcohol.’

Bainbridge admitted assault by beating.

Recorder Anne Arnold jailed him for 30 weeks for the breach and 20 weeks for the common assault to run consecutively.

She imposed a restraining order banning him from attending the woman’s address.

Addressing him about the victim, Recorder Arnold said: ‘She was in pretty vulnerable circumstances.’