Portsmouth man launched flying kick at ex-girlfriend

LOCKED UP Violent attacker Frazer Tee
LOCKED UP Violent attacker Frazer Tee
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A MAN has been jailed after kicking his former partner three times when he turned up at her place of work after telling her boss: ‘I’m going to kill her.’

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Frazer Tee was on bail when he went to a tanning salon in Portsmouth and attacked his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of his baby daughter.

Prosecutor Matthew Lawson said Tee, 25, told her boss ‘I’m going to kill her’ when he turned up when she was not working, before then returning when his ex-partner was alone in the salon. He began shouting and swearing. Mr Lawson said: ‘She said she didn’t want to argue with him and she was going to call the police.

‘The defendant tried to jump over the desk and swing a punch.

‘She was trying to call 999 and as she did she so ran from the defendant running down the corridor towards the back of the shop.

‘The defendant pursued her and launched a flying kick which connected with her right leg on the shin. He then kicked her a second time using his full force hitting her on the shin.’

He kicked her again knocking her to the floor in the attack in May last year.

‘When he left her on the floor she was screaming with pain,’ Mr Lawson said.

He added: ‘She says that the incident has affected her whole family. She has seen her father cry over what the defendant has done to her.’

In interview, Tee laughed and claimed his victim had made it up.

Louise Howard, defending, said Tee’s problems centred around alcohol and that he was deeply remorseful.

Tee, of Lowestoft Road, Wymering, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm and possessing pepper spray, a prohibited firearm, which he had on him when he was arrested in December.

Recorder John Trevaskis jailed Tee for two years and four months in prison and said it was a premeditated attack.

He said: ‘This attack on your former partner was unprovoked, it was totally unnecessary, it was vicious, it was sustained.’