Portsmouth man locked up for breaching restraining order

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A JILTED lover has been jailed after repeatedly breaching an order not to go near his ex.

Peter Williams was given a restraining order by the courts telling him not to contact his former partner Deborah Brett after he assaulted her.

But on September 25 and 26 he went to her home and shouted abuse through the letterbox.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the 41-year-old was given a suspended prison sentence in August for previously ignoring the order.

Williams, of Wimpole Street, Portsmouth, pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching the restraining order and breaching his suspended sentence.

Prosecutor Martyn Booth said: ‘He has had three chances.’

Roderick James, defending, said Williams had a drink problem.

‘He is a totally reasonable, respectable person to talk to until the stage he sits down in his room and has too many cans of lager.’

Jailing him for 170 days Deputy Circuit Judge Patrick Hooton said: ‘Even for you, eventually the penny has to drop.

‘I am afraid it’s dropping today because the fact is that you have been given chance after chance.

‘You knew perfectly well this restraining order was in place.

‘Even you eventually have to recognise being responsible for your own actions.’