Portsmouth man ‘stole cash he promised to send to Bangladesh’

ACCUSED G R Chowdhury
ACCUSED G R Chowdhury
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A MAN has claimed that he was defrauded of more than £70,000 which he wanted to transfer to Bangladesh.

Shahib Uddin told a court he gave £76,850 to Golam Rashed Chowdhury to send to Bangladesh for personal business and to send to relatives.

Speaking through an interpreter, Mr Uddin told a jury at Winchester Crown Court that Chowdhury had promised he would be able to get a preferential exchange rate on money which he wanted to transfer to contacts in Bangladesh.

Chowdhury is on trial for allegedly taking £750,000 from 10 victims, offering various ways of investing cash, such as through business ventures.

Mr Uddin claimed he had sent some of his own money and borrowed the rest from friends and family.

The court was shown a copy of a letter which it is alleged Chowdhury had written to Mr Uddin with details of the cash payments and a signature at the bottom.

But Luke Ponte, defending, said Chowdhury hadn’t written the letter and that Mr Uddin had written it himself and that he had forged the signature.

‘I suggest that you have lied to this jury,’ he said.

‘That letter was not given to you by Mr Chowdhury.

‘You never provided cash to Mr Chowdhury.

‘Mr Chowdhury never promised that he could have money transferred at a preferential rate.’

Chowdhury, 27, from Penhale Road in Portsmouth denies 10 counts of fraud.