Portsmouth man up in court over alleged burglaries

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POLICE have charged a man after two burglaries.

Andrew Gareth Woods, 46, of Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw, has been charged with two counts of burglary in Widley.

He will make his first appearance at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court on February 24.

Inspector Dave Humphries, who is responsible for policing in Waterlooville, Horndean and Clanfield, said: ‘I would urge residents to ensure doors and windows are locked and, if out after dark, to leave lights on.

‘Many premises are targeted early evening just after sunset and before people get home from work as those with no lights on are obviously empty. Fit a timer switch to a lamp to protect against this. Jewellery is often targeted and often very easy to find in houses.

‘Make sure it is kept somewhere secure and it helps us no end if victims can provide photographs of their jewellery.

‘Often people don’t think to photograph their possessions.’