Portsmouth mum to appeal conviction for murdering 19-day-old son

Nicola Brown
Nicola Brown

A MOTHER jailed for killing her 19-day old baby is appealing her conviction.

Nicola Brown was sentenced to life with a minimum of 14 years and six months for the murder of Jake Long.

Baby Jake Long, who died aged 19 days old on December 19, 2014

Baby Jake Long, who died aged 19 days old on December 19, 2014

Brown killed the infant, who suffered a ‘rapid collapse’ after sustaining a fatal head injury, on December 19, 2014.

Last December jurors took six hours and eight minutes at Winchester Crown Court to return majority guilty verdicts over the killing and the two GBH charges, relating to 17 rib fractures Jake suffered at his home in Agincourt Road, Buckland.

She denied the charges, and giving evidence about the day her son died, said: ‘He made a noise and I saw the lights go out of my son’s eyes and that’s a picture I will never forget for the rest of my life.’

When jurors convicted Brown, 43, of Seymour Close, Buckland, she said: ‘I didn’t do it. I did not do it.

‘I won’t shut up. They’ve made a huge mistake. Oh my god. You have really got it wrong. I hope this haunts you to the day you die.’

The court heard her husband, forklift truck driver Jason Brown, 44, of Seymour Close, was away at work in Waterlooville, when his wife, formerly Nicola Long, was looking after their son.

Mr Brown was found not guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child.

The Court of Appeal yesterday confirmed it had received the appeal on March 27. Brown is appealing the murder charge.

In the trial prosecutor Nigel Lickley QC said Jake suffered rib fractures likely caused from ‘squeezing’ by an adult.

Mr Lickley told the jury: ‘Very shortly before that 999 call at 10.26am he suffered a very serious injury, including a fracture to his skull, brain injury and retinal bleeding, that is bleeding at his eyes, from an impact to his head that required substantial force. He may have been shaken violently.

‘As a result of that force and impact, Jake was probably, most probably, rendered unconscious. He never recovered and despite treatment he was certified dead at 9.23pm that day.’