Portsmouth named one of the worst UK cities for nuisance noise complaints

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Portsmouth has named one of the worst cities in the UK for nuisance noise complaints.

The city council received 10.02 complaints per 1,000 people living in the area during 2016, ranking the city 7th worst in the country outside London.

According to the figures from Love My Vouchers, 2123 complaints were reported in Portsmouth in 2016.

The most common noise complaints were for loud music (36 per cent), people (30 per cent) and barking dogs (10 per cent).

Linda Firth, from Love My Vouchers, said: ‘Everybody likes a good party now and again, but if your neighbour is blasting out loud music every night, your local council is there to help resolve the situation.

‘Nuisance noise can cause lack of sleep and significant distress, so it is best to take action before it impacts your health.’

A total of 1,896 nuisance complaints were reported in 2015, down from 2,227 in 2014.

The figures show there were just two prosecutions for noise in the last three years.

Some of the more peculiar complaints in other parts of the country include morris dancers in Surrey, a Chinese man flying a radio controlled helicopter in South Wales, and a group of men playing football inside a flat in Brent.