Portsmouth pensioner threatened love-rival with a knife

Mark Clutterbrook in 2015

Man gives judge the thumbs-up after being sentenced for handling stolen goods

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A PENSIONER who threatened his neighbour with a knife after he ran off with his partner has avoided a jail sentence.

Robin Mundy, 69, described by a judge as a respectable man, armed himself with a knife and confronted his love-rival, 56-year-old Steven Prout at his home in Wilson Road, Stamshaw, Portsmouth.

Mundy, of Wilson Road, Stamshaw, pleaded guilty to affray and criminal damage after the outburst.

Sentencing him at Portsmouth Crown Court, Deputy Circuit Judge Patrick Hooton said: ‘It’s unbelievable that someone of your age should behave like that having lived to the age of 69 without getting in any trouble whatsoever.

‘You are a perfectly respectable, law-abiding man who behaved like a complete hooligan.

‘Normally in the courts someone who picks up a knife goes to prison for a long time.

‘I’m at a loss to understand who your mind works but I am prepared to take a chance with you this time.

‘If you go round there again you know what will happen.’

Mundy was given a community order and will have nine months of supervision from the probation service to help him stay out of trouble.