Portsmouth pensioner who stabbed his wife jailed for five years

JAILED Derek Miller stabbed his wife in the back
JAILED Derek Miller stabbed his wife in the back
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IT was an enormous breach of trust that saw a wife running for her life.

Those were the damning words of a judge as he sentenced Derek Miller to five years in prison for stabbing his wife Galina in the back.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the stabbing at the couple’s home in Broad Street, Old Portsmouth, had left Mrs Miller embarrassed and scared.

As reported, the 76-year-old retired engineer denied attempting to murder his 57-year-old wife on the morning of November 26 last year.

He was cleared of that charge but found guilty by a jury of the lesser charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Judge Roger Hetherington said the couple had enjoyed a decade of married bliss before the cracks started to show, including Mrs Miller finding out her husband was looking at pornography online.

He said this turned out to be ‘a running sore’ in the marriage.

On the morning of the attack, Miller, who has diabetes, was angry after waking up with cold feet and the row escalated after he rang his son in Canada.

The judge said: ‘It was another row and something in you must have snapped.

‘You took the opportunity to creep up behind her with a large kitchen knife which I am satisfied you had deliberately selected from the rack to the right of the sink when she was unaware that you were even there.

‘You took it and you plunged it into her back as she was leaning over towards the bin, unaware you were even there.

‘It penetrated through her dressing gown and into her back and may have done something worse but for the fact that it was in the area of her shoulder blade.

‘I am quite satisfied you continued to struggle with her when she got to the front door in order to escape from you.’

He added: ‘I am not necessarily saying you would have stabbed her again. In my view, there was certainly a risk you would.’

He said the attack had changed the teacher’s life forever.

‘This was an enormous betrayal of the trust that she ought to have had in you as her husband,’ he said.

The couple had met on the internet and married in Russia in 2002 before Mrs Miller joined her husband in Old Portsmouth, where they both became active members of the sailing community.

Her statement read: ‘My future hangs in the balance. I could never trust anyone as much as I trusted Derek. I will never trust again.’

Paul Walker, defending, said: ‘He’s adamant he still loves Galina. His real hope is they can be reconciled.’

After the sentencing, Det Con Hannah Waterman said: ‘This was a tragic domestic incident and has had an huge impact on the victim and the wider family.’