Portsmouth police officer snapped parked in bus stop to use cashpoint

PICTURED The officer caught in the bus stop in Cosham
PICTURED The officer caught in the bus stop in Cosham
Swansea City Centre. Credit: Wiki Commons (Labelled for reuse)

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IT LOOKS like this police officer was cashing in on an empty bus stop, to nip out and take out some money from an ATM.

A vigilant tweeter snapped this picture of a Hampshire Constabulary police officer withdrawing money out of a Barclays Bank cashpoint.

But what is also captured is a police car parked up in a bus stop, which appears to be waiting for the officer to return to the vehicle.

The incident took place in Vectis Way, Cosham, and seems to have taken place last month.

Twitter user @heard531 posted the following message on June 13.

It said: ‘@HantsPolice why is this officer parked in a bus stop to use the bank in Cosham?’

When there was no reply, the user tweeted the following message on June 25.

It read: ‘@CoshamPolice 
@pompeyccupolice why is this officer parked in a bus stop to use the bank?’

On both occasions there was no response.

When The News contacted the constabulary, it confirmed the car was not parked in a bus stop to attend an emergency. It also admitted the officers should not have used the bus stop as a parking space.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘A police officer has been given advice by senior management over the inappropriate parking of a marked police vehicle at a bus stop in Vectis Way in Cosham. The officer and marked police vehicle were not on an emergency call at the time.

‘The bus stop should not have been used for police parking on this occasion.’

The bus route is used by First.

A spokesman for First bus said it would not comment on this specific incident, but issued the following statement.

He said: ‘All bus stops in Portsmouth are designated clearways and must be free from obstructions or parked cars.

‘This is particularly important for our disabled customers, or parents with pushchairs who need the bus to be parked parallel to the kerb so that they can board safely.

‘To maintain the free flow of traffic in the city it is helpful for bus stops to be kept clear.’