Portsmouth preschool vandalised by youths

VANDALS have left a nursery school staff upset after damaging toys used by youngsters.

Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 1:13 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th September 2018, 4:32 am
The outside space at Little Spinnakers Preschool was trashed

Unthinking yobs climbed the 8ft gates guarding Little Spinnakers Pre-school, which uses space inside and outside the United Reformed Church on Milton Road.

They damaged the outside area at the nursery between Friday night and Saturday morning.

The children attending the preschool have had their Polesie play cement mixer broken after it was placed underneath a bench and '˜squashed'.

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The outside space at Little Spinnakers Preschool was trashed

Danielle Preston, chair of the Little Spinnakers Pre-school charity that runs the place, and said: '˜There were loom bands and crisp packets everywhere, plus all our toys had been taken out of our storage sheds and left all over the place.

'˜The cement mixer is part of a construction worker play set which the kids love, that's been broken and was worth £75.

'˜The wheel axis was broken and there were bits of cement everywhere.

'˜Bike locks had been cut off, and there was just rubbish everywhere.

The Polesie play cement mixer was broken by having the bench put on top of it and then squashed

'˜It's really upsetting because we spent the whole summer making the space a nice place for the kids to come back to this week.'

Danielle, 36, said this isn't the first time the area has been vandalised.

She said that around Christmas time last year someone climbed over another gate and broke a window ledge, which has ruled out a small area of the play space outside because the church is unable to pay to have it fixed.

It is thought to be too dangerous for the children to be near.

Danielle added: '˜I saw all of this when I returned about 3pm on Saturday and I left in the afternoon on the Friday so it happened in between that time.

'˜I'm really annoyed.

'˜We managed to clean everything up on Saturday and amazingly a very kind lady from Baffins saw my post on social media and offered to buy us a new construction set '“ otherwise we would have had to spend money we planned to use on something else.

'˜The fact loom bands and crisp packets were left around, and that it looks like the toys have been played with makes us think its youngsters.

'˜People have no respect.'

The crime has been reported to the police.