Portsmouth pub banned from selling alcohol after mass brawl

The Compass Rose pub
The Compass Rose pub

Police promoting safety messages at Guildhall Walk in Portsmouth

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A PUB has been banned from selling alcohol after a huge fight broke out at the end of an 18th birthday party.

Around 40 people were involved in the brawl outside the Compass Rose pub in Anchorage Park that left one man needing surgery on his hand.

But landlord Ian Campbell says he is being ‘crucified’ for calling the police.

He said: ‘Everything was fine here, we started to close down about 12.15am.

‘One of the guys who comes in here was having an argument.

‘I went out there to see what was going on and there was about 40-odd people fighting in Morrisons car park.

‘It started to get a bit serious, coming toward the pub. I just knew it wouldn’t be controllable and called police.’

He said the initial trouble had calmed down as a man left in a taxi but he came back and the trouble flared up.

‘We do loads here and that’s the first one we’ve ever had trouble with,’ Mr Campbell added. He said there have been a couple of recent incidents which he believes have contributed to the ban.

Graphic images of the fight were presented to Portsmouth City Council’s licensing panel as evidence by police.

Councillor David Fuller, licensing panel member, said: ‘I have never seen anything like it since I have been a councillor. There are issues with the pub.

‘The licence has been taken away from them and we shut it down as of 5pm on Thursday.’

Mr Campbell said he has rarely had to call the police to the pub, which won a News perfect breakfast competition, since he bought it in 2007.

The pub is still open.

The fight was caught on CCTV but police have yet to reveal the images from the fight at 1am on Sunday, April 6.

No arrests have been made and police want to hear from witnesses.

Cllr Ken Ellcome, also on the licensing panel, said: ‘There were concerns about how the pub was being run because there were a number of injuries.

‘The subcommittee considered those issues and decided to suspend the licence so they can hold a full inquiry.’

Councillors will hold a full review of the licence on May 7.

A police spokeswoman said: ‘A fight occurred between two large groups of people outside the pub.

‘The most serious injury was a hand injury which required surgery, the victim was an 19-year-old man from Portsmouth. We have CCTV but at this point it’s with our imaging team.’

Call police on 101.

Additional reporting by Stuart Anderson, Miles O’Leary.