Portsmouth pubs join scheme to stop bad behaviour during World Cup

Hampshire police and crime commissioner Michael Lane. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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PUBS and bars in the city have joined a new scheme to limit trouble during the World Cup.

Portsmouth City Council, Pub Watch and Hampshire Constabulary have joined forces for the Behave or Be Banned scheme.

Inspired by the yellow card system in football, the new scheme will ban people who cause trouble in pubs and bars in Portsmouth.

If they start misbehaving they will be given a yellow card as a warning and their pictures will be shared with other pubs. If they carry on, they will be given a second yellow and will be banned for a year.

A red card can also be issued for assaults on staff, drug dealing or carrying a weapon and people will be receive an instant one-year ban.

Barry Walker, Portsmouth City Centre manager said: ‘This is a major initiative that targets people whose behaviour in pubs, bars and clubs is unacceptable. It also supports measures dealing with anti-social behaviour by an individual are dealt with swiftly, with a long term positive effect.’