Portsmouth restaurant worker accused of terror charge admits he lied to police

Mustakim Jaman is accused of helping others to fight a jihad in Syria. File picture.
Mustakim Jaman is accused of helping others to fight a jihad in Syria. File picture.
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A PORTSMOUTH restaurant worker accused of helping others to fight a jihad in Syria has told a court ‘every Muslim wants to see the creation of an Islamic State’.

Mustakim Jaman, 23, is accused alongside his brother Tuhin Shahensha, 27, of being part of a group of extremists from Portsmouth who supported using serious violence to create an Islamic state.

Their brother, Ifthekar Jaman travelled to Syria in May 2013 where he fought and was killed.

The pair, of Hudson Road, Southsea, allegedly exchanged messages with like-minded men using Whatsapp and Kik, secretly planning and arranging travel from the UK towards Syria.

Giving evidence at Kingston Crown Court in Surrey, Mustakim Jaman was asked by prosecutor Gareth Patterson if he believed in the goal of terror group Islamic State (Isil) to create a Muslim caliphate.

He replied: ‘Every Muslim wants to see the creation of Islamic state.

‘That doesn’t mean the one Isil have created.

‘How it’s going to come about we don’t know but it is something that is just prophesised.

‘I believe that if it is prophesised we are meant to believe it.’

Jaman also admitted that he lied to police about three men he is accused of helping to travel to Syria to fight jihad.

He told officers that he thought the men were going to Turkey on holiday, but now claims he thought they were on their way to Syria to provide humanitarian relief at a refugee camp.

Asked why he had not told the truth, the defendant said that at the time he believed that anyone travelling to Syria was breaking the law and wanted to protect himself and his brother.

In addition to their brother Ifthekar, the court has heard five of Shahensha and Jaman’s friends also travelled to Syria.

But Jaman told the jury: ‘They never discussed going out to Syria to fight.

‘You wouldn’t assume that they wanted to go and do that, they were just normal guys.

‘They weren’t people you would expect to pick up arms.’

Shahensha, of Hudson Road in Southsea, is accused of two counts of engaging in conduct in preparation for terrorism, between March 2013 and October 2014.

Jaman, of the same address, faces one count of the same charge.

Jaman claimed that neither he nor his brother had planned to travel to the Middle East to join the fighting.

He said they did not want to put their parents through the agony of losing another son in the conflict, and admitted Shahensha was seen as a ‘coward’.

Jaman and Shahensha both deny the charges against them.