Portsmouth’s six most-wanted suspects

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These are the latest six most-wanted suspects from the Portsmouth area whose pictures have appeared on a Crimestoppers website.

MORE than 1,200 criminals from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight have been arrested as a result of appeals featured on Crimestoppers’ Most Wanted site, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Charity Crimestoppers set up Most Wanted to find information on criminals who had fled abroad.

Across Hampshire and Isle of Wight, 1,957 separate appeals have been posted over the decade, resulting in 1,233 arrests.

Details on the website about the suspects pictured here are as follows:-


Crime type: Assault

Crime location: Market Parade Havant

CS reference: CS1511-13172

Police reference: 44150379237

Summary: A man was set upon by three other males in Market Parade, Havant. Police were called and found the man lying unconscious and bleeding heavy on the pavement. The man was out with his girlfriend when the incident occurred.


Crime type: Violence

Crime location: St. Helens Close Southsea

Date: 16/08/2015

CS reference: CS1508-12964

Police reference: 44150284493

Summary: Around 9pm on 16th August 2015, an unknown man went to an address in St Helens Close in Southsea. He was abusive and threatened the occupants over what is though to be a noise complaint.

Suspect description

Sex: Male

Age range: 25 - 30

Height: 170 - 175 cm (approx 5’ 8”)

Build: Medium

Hair colour: Blonde

Hair type: Short crop

Hair length: Cropped

Facial hair: None

Ethnic appearance: White European


Crime type: Violence

Crime location: Rodney Road Southsea

CS reference: CS1507-12853

Police reference: 44150217997

Summary: A taxi driver has picked up a male and female from the rank in Osborn Road, Havant. During the journey the female started to be sick so they had to pull over. The pair then refused to pay for the fare as they hadn’t reached their destination and would not pay for the vehicle to be cleaned. They would not get back in the car and when the driver tried to call police, the male assaulted him and slapped his hand away causing the phone to fall to the floor and smash.


Crime type: Theft

Crime location: Purbrook Way Havant

Date: 19/10/2015

CS reference: CS1511-13179

Police reference: 44150363070

Summary: A man walked into the B&Q store in Havant. Staff report that he was seen to pick up two measuring lasers and a brick jointer worth £130 from the display, and then leave making no attempt to pay.



Crime type: Fraud & forgery

Crime location: Southwick Hill Road Cosham Portsmouth

CS reference: CS1511-13173

Police reference: 44150358835

Summary: During the afternoon of 15th October at the Queen Alexandra, a member of hospital left her handbag in a staff room. When she returned at the end of the afternoon, she discovered that her bag had been opened and her purse had been stolen. CCTV shows a potential suspect using a stolen debit card at Superdrug in North End.


Crime type: Theft

Crime location: New Road Portsmouth

Date: 15/09/2015

CS reference: CS1511-13166

Police reference: 44150371552

Summary: Theft of meat from the Co-op, New Road, Portsmouth. A male entered the stored and is seen to conceal meat products from the chiller and conceals them into his jackets. He then makes his way around the store looking down aisles and enters household but doesn’t select anything he then makes his way back towards chilled and selects and conceals more meat products into his jacket. He then exits the store without first offering payment.

Suspect description

Sex: Male

Age range: 50 - 55

Height: 175 - 180 cm (approx 5’ 10”)

For further details go to https://crimestoppers-uk.org/most-wanted/