Portsmouth safety team working to end violent relationships

The Safer Portsmouth Partnership is running a campaign to prevent domestic abuse. Picture posed by model
The Safer Portsmouth Partnership is running a campaign to prevent domestic abuse. Picture posed by model
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Police have revealed that a third of all violent incidences in Portsmouth are domestic abuse with people approximately experiencing 35 counts of violence before reporting it and seeking help.

Seeing these figures has lead to the urge for young people in Portsmouth to search ‘Is This Love Portsmouth’ campaign online to learn what makes healthy relationships.

The campaign run by the Safer Portsmouth Partnership (SPP) is aimed at those most likely to suffer from domestic abuse, aged 14 to 24 years old, to raise awareness of abuse.

As a means of fulfilling this aim the campaign works with a number of schools in the area as well as Portsmouth and Highbury colleges to aid the students in spotting healthy and unhealthy behaviours.

Chair of the Safer Portsmouth Partnership, Councillor Robert New said: ‘We are encouraging young people to take our healthy relationship quiz and learn to recognise possessive and controlling behaviour early on and learn how to get help if they need it.’

Bruce Marr, service manager of Portsmouth Early Intervention Project said: ‘Attitudes towards domestic violence are developed at a young age and its seriously worrying that research has shown 50 per cent of girls and 25 per cent of boys has experienced physical abuse in their intimate relationships.

‘It’s essential that young men and women learn that abusive behaviour is unacceptable and that healthy relationships are based on equality and mutual respect.’

The SPP is a voluntary group that includes members from Hampshire Constabulary and Portsmouth City Council as well as many others, who all work together to make Portsmouth an environment that is safe to live and work in as well as a safe place to visit for both residents and tourists.