Portsmouth sailor in bar flare-up is ‘a disgrace to navy’

Diana Noble, 22, of HMS Nelson.
Diana Noble, 22, of HMS Nelson.
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A SAILOR has been described as ‘a disgrace to the navy’ after a team night out ended in violence.

Air Engineer Technician Diana Noble flew into a rage when she was told she was too drunk to get into Bar(Me) in Portsmouth’s Guildhall Walk.

Her fellow sailors had already got in, leaving the 22-year-old alone outside.

She shouted and swore at door staff then assaulted a woman and struggled with police officers who tried to restrain her.

Chairman of the bench at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court Stephen Waller said: ‘I am sure this will be said to you by your divisional officer. It’s a blot on your character.

‘You brought disgrace on the service by your behaviour.’

Noble, of HMS Nelson in Queen Street, Portsea, Portsmouth, pleaded guilty to assaulting a person assisting a police officer, two counts of resisting or obstructing a police officer and one public order offence.

After she was arrested she was shown CCTV of what she had done.

Saleem Chowdhury, defending, said: ‘It’s very regrettable. She is absolutely devastated.’

He said Noble was due to join the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious which left Portsmouth for a training exercise in the Mediterranean at the start of the month.

‘It’s yet to be decided by the navy as to what her punishment will be for these offences,’ Mr Chowdhury said.

‘Should she be allowed back to HMS Illustrious it will be at her own expense. She will have to fly out to where the ship is.’

He added: ‘It’s very unfortunate. A night out has gone horribly wrong.

‘She accepts that she and her colleagues had a number of drinks.

‘At some stage she lost contact with the rest of her group and she was attempting to locate that group.

‘She attempted to gain entry to this establishment where she thought they were.

‘The door staff refused entry and she then took issue with that and that was the start of the issue.’

The court heard that since the incident on September 26 Noble had sought help for anger management and alcohol issues.

She was fined £200 and told to pay £100 in costs.

Mr Chowdhury said: ‘She realises any more episodes like this and she won’t have a naval career to go back to.’