Portsmouth sailor on trial accused of ‘recording sex with female sailor’ on warship HMS Diamond

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A FEMALE Royal Navy sailor has told a court martial she felt ‘horrible and violated’ after a colleague surreptitiously filmed them having sex in the showers of a warship.

Leading Logistician Scott Furber denies a charge of voyeurism in relation to the incident on board HMS Diamond while alongside at Limassol, Cyprus, on June 9 2014.

Unknown to her when the defendant had arrived in the shower ahead of her, he had put his iPhone on a shelf and recorded the sexual activity

Major David Whittaker

The trial at Portsmouth Naval Base court martial centre heard that 29-year-old Furber and the alleged victim agreed to meet for consensual sex in the showers on board the Portsmouth-based Type 45 destroyer, which goes against the navy’s ‘no touching rule’ for sailors.

But before she arrived, Furber, who was a chef on board, set his Apple iPhone on a shelf in the shower and made a 10-minute recording of their encounter during which at one point he can be seen grinning at the camera.

Major David Whittaker, prosecuting, said: ‘She agreed to meet the defendant in the shower on board for consensual sex to take place.

‘She arrived in the shower and saw the defendant was already there and sexual activity did take place.

‘Unknown to her when the defendant had arrived in the shower ahead of her, he had put his iPhone on a shelf and recorded the sexual activity.’

Maj Whittaker said that the recording only came to light in October that year when the defendant was quizzed about it by colleagues and a superior officer became aware of the incident.

He added that the alleged victim only became aware when the issue was investigated and she was informed by her boss.

Maj Whittaker said that Furber, who is currently based at HMS Excellent, Portsmouth, initially denied making the recording and had told investigators that the only recording on his phone was of his fiancee. He later admitted making the recording, but claimed the alleged victim had agreed to the filming.

He said: ‘He said he had lied initially because he was embarrassed this had come to light and didn’t realise the severity. He said it was just a bit of fun.

‘He said they had discussed it earlier in the day, they agreed to have sex and agreed to film it, he was adamant she had agreed. He denied showing it to anyone.’

The alleged victim told the court they had flirted through Whatsapp text messages and arranged to have sex on board later.

She said: ‘He had it figured out, he said “come and meet me” at a certain time in the shower, we shared showers, male female, where we were living on board.

‘He said “the end shower”, he said, “I will be waiting”, he said, “just give a knock on the door”.’

The alleged victim said that when she was informed that the incident had been filmed, she said: ‘I was shocked, completely shocked’ and it had made her feel ‘horrible, violated’.

She denied that she had agreed to film the sex earlier that day.