Portsmouth South anti-corruption candidate appears in court accused of assault

Don Jerrard at Wimbledon Magistrates Court
Don Jerrard at Wimbledon Magistrates Court
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PARLIAMENTARY hopeful Don Jerrard is facing a charge of assault by beating after allegedly attacking a man who came to deliver legal papers to his house.

Jerrard, who is standing in Portsmouth South for the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party, which he co-founded in 2010, denies assaulting David Harvey in August last year.

The 65-year-old appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday for a case management hearing.

The court heard from prosecutor Angela O’Dwyer who said: ‘From the crown’s point of view this is no more unusual than any other assault charge.

‘Mr Harvey went to that address to serve documents on Jerrard.’

Ms O’Dwyer said that the crown’s case was that after Mr Harvey arrived at the address he was assaulted by Jerrard.

She continued: ‘Mr Harvey is known to Jerrard in a different capacity. The defence will say it is not as straight forward as it appears.’

Representing himself, Jerrard said that the alleged assault took place on August 11 on the driveway of his home in Petersfield Road, Liss.

Jerrard said he was subject to an injunction preventing him from discussing matters further and added that the charge was a ‘malicious prosecution for political reasons’.

He said: ‘It is a very complicated matter and it is very stressful for me.

‘I am having to pay significant sums of money to defend myself in a very complicated situation.’

District Judge James Henderson said he could not allow the matter to ‘drift on’.

Jerrard said he would prefer to have the matter dealt with before the election in May, but Mr Henderson said: ‘With the best will in 
the world that would be unlikely.’

The case was adjourned for another hearing on April 14, where the court hopes to set a date for his trial in June.

Jerrard is a well-known figure in the county, as he was a business lawyer for many years and has served as a parish councillor.

He also ran for Police and Crime Commissioner as well as initially intending to stand for election in Fareham this year for Ukip, a campaign that he pulled out of when details of Hampshire organiser Paul Lovegrove’s violent criminal past came to light.

His party, the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party, was also cofounded by Les Cummings, a campaigner who made a series of allegations against Mike Hancock, the MP for Portsmouth South, which resulted in Mr Cummings receiving a restraining order.