Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond raises fears in Commons over plan to leave city without a police station

Portsmouth central police station in Winston Churchill Avenue''Picture: Cesar Moreno Huerta
Portsmouth central police station in Winston Churchill Avenue''Picture: Cesar Moreno Huerta

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PORTSMOUTH MP Flick Drummond has told parliament of her concerns over plans which could see the city left without a police station.

Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner Simon Hayes is considering using land in Havant to create a £18m police investigations centre, a super hub that would replace the city’s stations.

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond

Critics have already spoken of the need to have a police presence in Portsmouth and say moving officers out to Havant would be wrong.

Mrs Drummond has now made a pledge in the Commons to continue opposing the ‘unthinkable’ proposal.

Speaking during a debate on the future of the emergency services, Mrs Drummond said: ‘I must sound a note of concern about the plan which the police and crime commissioner has unveiled to close police stations in Portsmouth.

‘We are a city which faces unusual challenges of geography. We have only three main roads on to Portsea Island, and they lead into the most densely-populated space outside London.

Portsmouth MP takes up concerns in parliament over £18m police super hub plans

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond

‘It is unthinkable that we should be left without a fully-supported police station and I hope that Mr Hayes will reconsider his options.

‘I think the first any of us heard about this plan was through our local newspaper, which is no way to manage a service we all depend on for public safety.

‘In the light of the proposals for PCCs to take on greater responsibility, it is a real cause for concern.

‘I know from my post-bag that this closure plan is alarming to constituents, and I will continue to oppose it.’

Mr Hayes has already said he is still looking at Portsmouth sites and his ‘preferred’ location would have been off the M275, but land is proving too expensive.

Should the Havant plan go ahead, Portsmouth Central and Fratton would be sold and Southsea would either remain open but refurbished, close or merge with firefighters.

A superintendent district commander will still be based in the heart of the city in the Guildhall, along with neighbourhood and response teams.