Portsmouth stabbings trial: Teenager’s claim he wanted to kill women was ‘just a fantasy’

Forensic experts at the scene of one of the stabbings
Forensic experts at the scene of one of the stabbings
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A TEENAGER’S claim that he intended to kill three women he stabbed was just a ‘fantasy’, a court heard.

Ben Moynihan claimed yesterday that he only told police that version of events when he was interviewed because he wanted to be locked up. Giving evidence, Moynihan told jurors at Winchester Crown Court that he lied and exaggerated about the attacks in Cosham and Wymering.

The 18-year-old is on trial charged with three counts of attempted murder over three stabbings of lone women aged 20, 45 and 67, last summer.

He was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm on July 13 last year but charged with attempted murder.

Moynihan said: ‘When I wanted it changed to attempted murder I was hoping I would get around the 10-year mark. I thought that was the appropriate gap since a lot could happen, a lot could change.’

Alastair Malcolm, defending, asked: ‘When you were taken to the police station and there was reference to GBH you said that you wanted to kill them. Was it true?’

Moynihan replied: ‘No.’

Mr Malcolm said: ‘He hadn’t got anywhere near killing anybody.

‘He had never done anything more than one stab.’

He added: ‘It’s just fantasy and just to make it look more serious because he wanted to be locked up and put away.’

Asked about his police interview where he said he was aiming for the women’s hearts, Moynihan said: ‘The intention was exaggerated. I confessed to my involvement.’

The court heard Moynihan told police officers at interview he was disappointed when he read in The News that the first victim’s injuries were not life-threatening.

Asked about this yesterday, he said: ‘I lied about that.’

Jurors earlier heard he kept a ‘diary of evil’ on his laptop and had a video of him talking about killing women and targeting them because he was a virgin. He had two photos of him holding a knife.

In his evidence Moynihan said: ‘I knew the police would get on to my laptop and it supports my attempted murder claim.’

He agreed he would have continued stabbing women until he was arrested.

Asked why he ran away after the first attack on June 20 he said: ‘I couldn’t stand to see her suffer.’

He denies alternative charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm but accepts he wounded the women.

BURGLARS raiding a garage at the home of a teenager accused of trying to kill three women prompted his attacks, the court heard.

Ben Moynihan, 18, saw two men take items from the garage at his home in The Ridings, Hilsea.

He told the court yesterday that the burglary made him feel vulnerable. He said: ‘I wanted to commit some sort of offence.

‘I was having a bad life and I wanted to get out of it. It was the only way out.

‘I was unsure about my future and I couldn’t live with my mother very well – those were the main two reasons.’

The court earlier heard he took a TV and put it in the middle of the road near the IBM building in Northarbour after witnessing the burglary from the flat.

Yesterday he said: ‘I wanted to get my own back on someone else but they weren’t the burglars. I had a little plan to spoil someone else’s evening.’

After this Moynihan stayed at his father’s home before returning to Hilsea on June 20 – the day of the first stabbing.

But prosecutor Kerry Maylin said Moynihan had written a letter addressed to police back in March, predating the first stabbing. She said: ‘The burglary is nothing to do with stabbing women.’

Moynihan, who has autistic spectrum disorder, said: ‘It was the main trigger.’

Alastair Malcolm QC, defending, said: ‘It may be something that’s a bit odd but that’s the way his mind works and the way he deals with that. It was something prompted by the burglary.’