Postie took cash from birthday girl’s card

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A POSTMAN who hoarded more than 3,000 items of mail at his house, some of which he opened, has been told to pay £10 compensation to a little girl whose birthday money he stole.

Gareth Squires, 27, avoided jail when he was sentenced for the offences of theft, and delaying the delivery of mail.

The court heard that he started collecting the mail just a week after he started working as a reserve postman from the Chichester delivery office last year.

He ended up keeping 3,780 items of mail, 40 of which he opened and stole from. He said it started after a birthday card to a 10-year-old girl accidentally ripped open and a £10 note fell out.

He kept it and then kept a further £30 he found in other envelopes. He said he initially kept the mail in a bid to rush his round and impress his new bosses. But it backfired after a number of complaints were received.

Squires, of Halfrey Close, Fishbourne, admitted theft and delaying and opening post. He was given an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and 100 hours unpaid work. He must also pay £10 compensation to the girl whose birthday money he stole, and £259.26 for the cost of re-posting the undelivered mail, and £200 to prosecution costs.