Praise in Portsmouth for David Cameron’s plans to stamp out terror threat

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron
Police outside Wilmcote House, Portsmouth

Residents had to be signed in to Portsmouth flat block after police incident

  • David Cameron says work must be done to ‘de-glamourise’ radical terror groups like Isil
  • Portsmouth South MP says Portsmouth must keep ‘ahead of the game’ to ensure more young people don’t become radicalised
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CITY leaders have welcomed a fresh government effort to stamp out extremism.

Prime minister David Cameron yesterday unveiled a five-year plan to eliminate the threat of terror from communities in the wake of high-profile attacks.

The prime minister is quite right, he needs to work with the Muslim community to tackle these barbaric actions, which are happening in the Middle East and around the world.

Abu-Suyeb Tanzam, member of the Jami Mosque committee

Mr Cameron revealed proposals for a new scheme allowing parents to apply to have their own children’s passports removed if they suspect they will travel abroad and join a radical group.

He said Britain must act to ‘de-glamourise’ groups like Isil by making young people aware of the brutal reality of life in parts of Iraq and Syria which they control.

And he said the UK should do more to promote tolerance, democracy, the rule of law and freedom of speech.

Mr Cameron said it was important to target Isil supporters who don’t necessary support violence and eliminate ‘conspiracy theories’ about terror.

Abu-Suyeb Tanzam, member of the Jami Mosque committee, welcomed the prime minister’s plans.

It comes as four young men from the city died in Syria after becoming Jihadi fighters for Isil, including Ifthekar Jaman.

He said: ‘The prime minister is quite right, he needs to work with the Muslim community to tackle these barbaric actions, which are happening in the Middle East and around the world.

‘We need to work together.

‘These extremists, they are not Muslims. Muslims would not act like that. We are about maintaining the peace.’

A new Extremism Bill will include ‘narrowly-targeted’ powers to tackle ‘facilitators and cult leaders’.

The government is to also take action to tackle sectarian and communal segregation in schools, and communications watchdog Ofcom will be given stronger powers to take action over foreign TV channels broadcasting hate preachers.

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond said: ‘These are highly-educated young men, and women for that matter, who have been brainwashed.

‘We have to stop that from happening. The local police and mosques are working extremely well to ensure no-one since the original six are travelling out to these places.

‘We must keep ahead of the game to ensure no more young people go.’

Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner has welcomed the prime minister’s pledge to stamp out terrorism.

Simon Hayes said it was crucial to balance the need for public safety with individuals’ freedoms.

Mr Hayes said: ‘The prime minister’s speech on tackling extremism highlights how important it is to work together to ensure people feel integrated into society.

‘Striking a balance between respecting an individual’s right to practise their religious beliefs and enabling the public to go about their lives unharmed or threatened is key to a healthy civilised society. We must take necessary action to eliminate the risk posed by those who wish to cause harm.

‘The government’s counter-terrorism strategy is taking steps to tackle this challenging issue.’