Prison for man who spat on his pregnant partner

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A MAN who spat in the face of his pregnant girlfriend and threatened her has been sent to prison.

Andrew Parker, 34, attacked his girlfriend outside her Gosport home on February 17 after a row blew up in the family home.

Parker, of Chase Road, in Liss, appeared at Portsmouth Crown Court charged with two counts of assault and one of affray.

He pleaded guilty to one count of assault and one of affray for the February incident.

After the row, girlfriend Melanie Ayres left the house and Parker ran after her. During an argument on the street, he spat in her face. When they returned to the family home, he took out a knife, threatened her and locked her in the house.

Parker also pleaded guilty to an earlier incident in September where he pushed her, which caused her to fall down stairs while pregnant.

The court heard how Parker had a long history of violence and criminal activity. He had been sent to prison for five years in June 2010 for robbery. At the time of the assault he was out on licence.

The pair had struck up a relationship in June 2012, one month after his release from prison. Parker’s defence blamed his past criminal activity on being sexually, mentally and physically abused while growing up in care. He also said that an unprovoked attack in 2007, where a group of men set upon Parker with a samurai sword, had exacerbated his violent tendencies, causing him to suffer flashbacks and panic attacks.

As a result of the attack, Parker lost three fingers and his leg was only narrowly saved by surgeons.

Recorder Tim Mousley QC asked what Parker had done to warrant the attack.

Defending Yusef Solley said: ‘It was believed to be a case of mistaken identity.’

Prosecuting, Jehad Mustafa asked for a restraining order to be put on Parker to prevent him contacting Ms Ayres, but this was thrown out after the defence showed love letters that the pair had recently been exchanging while Parker was behind bars.

Parker was sentenced to 32 weeks for the charge of affray. He was also sentenced to 20 weeks for each count of assault, to run at the same time, totalling 52 weeks.

He was recalled on his robbery conviction and in total will be in prison until 2018.