Pub fight over lost pool match and £10 bet

Police are investigating the incident

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A MAN who punched his victim to the ground after losing a game of pool to him has been ordered to do 200 hours of community service.

Philip Carter, of Corfe Close in Fareham, pleaded guilty to assaulting Mark Jeffries at the Cob and Pen pub in Wallington on September 15 last year.

Carter, 40, had played Mr Jeffries for a £10 wager, but after losing challenged him to a rematch for the chance to win his money back.

But Mr Jeffries declined and the two continued to trade insults until Carter went to leave the pub and his victim made one final comment, causing him to ‘snap’.

Sentencing at Portsmouth Crown Court, Judge Roger Hetherington said the attack arose from a ‘trivial, stupid matter’.

He said: ‘It seems there was some verbal provocation and you stopped and punched him at least twice in the face and then when he was on the ground there was some other punching.’

Carter was given a 12-month community order with the unpaid work requirement and ordered him to pay £510 costs.