Pubs ‘still serving drunk customers’

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POLICE say pubs are still serving alcohol to drunk customers, following an undercover operation.

A number of pubs and clubs in Chichester were recently targeted by officers from Sussex Police’s Neighbourhood Licensing Team.

Police officers went undercover to check for licensing offences and evidence of poor management.

Sergeant Simon Morgan said: ‘I am pleased to report that most of the premises targeted were found to be well run and actively promoting the licensing objectives.

‘However, disappointingly, a few premises were found to be lacking in key areas of the licensing law. For example, some were not robust enough in guarding against serving alcohol to drunk patrons. Police are now speaking to these licensees and they will be required to take immediate remedial action to prevent any breaches from happening again.

‘Undercover operations are an important tool to ensure that the premises within our areas remain safe and enjoyable places to visit.’