Pup spends four days at the vets and needs stitches after attack

Coco the jackapoo
Coco the jackapoo
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AN APPEAL has been made following a dog bite incident which left a pooch needing stitches.

A 49-year-old woman was walking her four-year-old Jackapoo named Coco in Privett Park, Gosport when they were approached by a dog.

Coco's injuries

Coco's injuries

The woman said: ‘We were near the children’s play park and a large dog came over to us. It clamped its jaws down on my dog’s leg and it also bit me and left me with a bit of bruising. But it took three of us to get open the dog’s jaw and free Coco.’

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward for the incident which took place at about 1.30pm on Wednesday.

The owner added: ‘I was so scared and terrified and it has left me nervous of big dogs.’

The dog has been described as an American Bulldog-type breed. A man, believed to be its owner, pulled the dog away and they left.

The Jackapoo needed veterinary treatment for an injury to its right rear leg and the woman had bite marks on her hand but was not seriously injured.

The woman added: ‘We had to run Coco to the vets and she has spent over four days there and I had to take her again yesterday.

‘It is just horrible what happened and I would appeal to the owners of large dogs in the area to help the police with information.

‘Also the fact it happened so close to a play park means it could have been a child.’

The American Bulldog-type dog weighed about 10st. It had mostly white fur, with dark and light patches on its head and chest area.

The man was:

n white

n aged 30 to 40 years of age

n around 5ft 11ins tall

n of medium build

n short, dark hair

n wearing jeans, trainers and a dark-coloured jacket.

PC Kerry Needham said: ‘Gosport is usually a safe place for dog owners to walk their pets, so we’re appealing for anyone with information on what happened to get in touch. Were you in the park that day? Did you see what happened? Do you think you know the identity of the owner of the dog?’

Anyone with information should contact police on 101, quoting 44180021437.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: ‘We do not have details of what happened in this specific case so cannot comment on what may have led up to the incident, but we do know that incidents like these are most commonly a result of irresponsible owners or poor breeding practices.

‘All dogs have the ability to react positively with humans and other dogs provided they are socialised and trained from an early age and they are all capable of making wonderful pets.

‘It is a criminal offence for a dog owner or the person in charge of a dog to allow an animal to be “dangerously out of control”. This could either be a dog that has injured someone, or a dog that a person has grounds to believe may cause harm. A dog chasing, barking at or jumping up at a person can also lead to a complaint, so it is vital that owners ensure their pets are under control at all times.’