Racist text messages were found on the phone of security guard

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A MAN who was cleared of manslaughter had 76 racists texts on his phone, a court was told.

An Old Bailey judge refused to allow a jury to hear about dozens of ‘grossly offensive and undoubtedly racist’ text messages on the phones of two of the G4S security guards acquitted of killing Jimmy Mubenga.

Mr Justice Spencer said they did not have any real relevance to the trial.

Terrence Hughes, had 76 racist texts on his phone which abused black Africans, Asians and Muslims and were racist about immigration.

But Mr Spencer’s decision meant that they were not put into evidence in the trial that ended on Tuesday.

Hughes was accused alongside Colin Kaler and Stuart Tribelnig, of forcing the Angolan deportee’s head down on board a British Airways flight, restricting his breathing for 36 minutes.

A coroner had previously found that Mr Mubenga died of cardiorespiratory collapse as a result of restraint on a British Airways deportation flight in October 2010.

In legal argument during the trial, which can only now be reported, the prosecution unsuccessfully argued that the jury should know about the texts because they shed light on the guards’ state of mind.

But the defence lawyers argued against it and said they would ‘release an unpredictable and uncorrectable cloud of prejudices’.