Rape accused ‘can’t explain’ DNA on victim

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A FORMER sailor accused of raping a woman in his car says he can’t explain how his DNA was found on her.

Michael Slevin denies carrying out the attack in Gosport in 1985.

Slevin, who was a marine engineering technician (MEM) in the navy at the time, was arrested last year after police reopened the case and used DNA analysis.

The jury at Portsmouth Crown Court has heard from a forensic scientist who said the chance of the profile being from someone else was one in a billion.

Asked by Kerry Maylin, prosecuting, to explain how the DNA was found on the woman Slevin, 52, said: ‘I have no way of telling you.’

Miss Maylin said: ‘Your DNA is there Mr Slevin because you were her assailant, you held her at knifepoint and then sexually assaulted her.’

‘That’s not correct,’ Slevin replied.

Miss Maylin went on: ‘Mr Slevin, you drove your car on March 12, 1985 to Toronto Place. You drove past a lone female didn’t you?’

‘No, I did not,’ he replied.

‘You drove past her a second time and then stopped your vehicle, got out of your vehicle, held out what later turned out to be a knife, took her from the street and into your vehicle,’ the prosecutor said.

‘No, I did not,’ he replied again.

‘Inside that vehicle you raped her,’ Miss Maylin said.

‘No I did not,’ he said.

Slevin denies raping the woman, who was 19 and walking home from a friend’s house at the time of the alleged attack.

But he says that during his six-month stay at HMS Sultan in Gosport he cheated on his wife with up to 90 women whose names he can’t remember. The defence also say that Slevin was ginger and wore glasses at the time of the attack, which does not match the woman’s description of a man with dark hair and no glasses.

Asked about photographs taken in the 1980s which show him without glasses Slevin, who has an eye condition that makes him sensitive to light, said: ‘Unfortunately I am a bit vain so I would take my glasses off.’

Asked about pictures appearing to show he had brown hair in the 1980s, he said: ‘No it’s ginger, you can see a flash of ginger in there. It doesn’t show it in that.’ Slevin, of Tamar Close, Callington, Cornwall, denies charges of rape, kidnap, two of indecent assault and one other sexual offence. (Proceeding)