Rape victim speaks of ordeal in film

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A RAPE victim who was attacked and left unconscious in a park after her drink was spiked on a night out has spoken about her ordeal.

The woman has worked with Hampshire police to release a video of how her life has changed during the force’s Rape Awareness Week

The victim, who wanted to remain anonymous, talks about what daily life has been like since she was raped by a stranger two-and-a-half years ago.

She was on a night out in Southampton when her drink was spiked. Having lost all concept of what was going on around her, the victim was led out of the venue by the attacker, raped and left unconscious in a park.

The victim hopes that speaking out will help others going through a similar experience think about getting help and support they need. She also sends a message to potential perpetrators about the devastating impact their actions can also have on family and friends.

She was raped by a stranger, but police say an increasing number of rape reports involving people who know each other. Almost half of rapes reported to the force are ‘acquaintance rapes’.

Detective Chief Inspector Ben Snuggs said: ‘The maximum sentence that a judge can impose is life imprisonment. But even if an offender doesn’t receive a sentence of this length, the conviction will remain with you for the rest of your life and you’ll be placed on the Sex Offenders Register. It is vital to understand that anything less than a yes is a no, no matter the circumstances. ‘