Rapper is cleared of rape charges

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Former I’m A Celebrity contestant Aggro Santos has been found not guilty of raping two girls he had taken back to his hotel rooms after performing at gigs, including one in Chichester.

The jury at Chichester Crown Court acquitted the 24-year-old Brazilian-born rapper in less than two hours of both charges.

His friend and co-defendant Tyrelle Ritchie, 22, was also found not guilty of oral rape. Both men broke down in tears as the jury foreman gave the verdicts.

The public gallery, filled with the men’s families, erupted, forcing it to be cleared. The pair had consistently denied the allegations and said the sex with the two women was consensual.

Santos, who stood trial under his real name Yuri Santos, of Bickersteth Road, Tooting, south west London, denied two counts of rape. Ritchie, of Vauxhall Street, Lambeth, south-east London, denied one count of oral rape.