Released crime stats feature flying cup

Mark Clutterbrook in 2015

Man gives judge the thumbs-up after being sentenced for handling stolen goods

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CRIME figures for the last three months for a Hampshire village have been released by police.

Reported incidents in the Titchfield area have dropped from 792 to 699 for the same period last year, a drop of 12 per cent.

Incidents reported to police included 71 allegations of anti social behaviour, 17 assaults, three home burglaries and 31 suspicious incidents.

The suspicious incident category included a mind-boggling spate of thefts of wheelie bins.

PSCO Ian Wright from Parkgate said: ‘The reason why there has been a spate of wheelie bin thefts across the region is unbeknown to us.’

Other recorded incidents included the theft of a dinghy towed away from a front garden, a pedestrian hit by a flying cup from a moving vehicle, a caravan whipped off a caravan compound, a borrowed and unreturned passport, a smashed cat ornament, a damaged fence due to a child kicking a ball against it, a punched neighbour, a stolen fishing rod and a cat nicked from a cattery.