Repeat drink-drivers should be banned from consuming alcohol, says Hampshire MP

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A Hampshire MP wants repeat drink-drivers to be given compulsory sobriety sentences.

Kit Malthouse says a pilot scheme in south London which has seen people convicted of alcohol-related offences told not to drink, with testing in place to check they comply, should be extended across the country.

Mr Malthouse, Tory MP for North West Hampshire, asked the Ministry of Justice if ministers would roll the pilot out across the country.

He said: “One of the most effective disposals for dangerous driving offences where alcohol is concerned is compulsory sobriety.

“Following the highly successful pilot in Croydon and the very welcome licensing by the minister for this disposal across the rest of the country, I wonder if you will join with me in encouraging police and crime commissioners to set up facilities to allow for compulsory sobriety so that magistrates can make use of it in repeat drink-driving offences in particular.”

Replying to the question in the House of Commons during Justice Questions, minister Mike Penning said: “I am aware of the scheme and I actually discussed it with the Prime Minister only recently.

“The sobriety bracelet that is being used in South Croydon is actually, I believe, on the Prime Minister’s desk as we speak.

“This is a measure which I am encouraging PCCs around the country to push forward. It has been very successful.”

Under the pilot scheme offenders subjected to alcohol abstinence monitoring have been forced to wear an ankle bracelet which regularly checks their sweat for traces of alcohol.