Report critical as man is detained for 46 months

Haslar Immigration Removal Centre in Gosport
Haslar Immigration Removal Centre in Gosport
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A MAN has been locked up in immigration detention for more than four years, an independent monitoring board has claimed.

The IMB for Haslar Immigration Removal Centre said the man has done two stints at the facility in Dolphin Way, Gosport.

Bob Coleman, chairman of the monitoring board, said the length of time is a worry.

He said: ‘It’s something we are concerned about.

‘You feel sorry for the chap. He’s a quiet, retiring chap.

‘You just feel his life is drifting away from him.’

The News understands the man, in his 30s, is from the Indian subcontinent.

The report, published this week, comes after an inquiry led by backbench MPs recommended a 28-day limit be placed on immigration detention.

Mr Coleman said the reason for his lengthy detention was the man’s origin country having difficulty in recognising him – and therefore it could not issue emergency travel documents.

The report added: ‘One detainee arrived in detention at Haslar on October 27, 2009, and stayed until released on temporary bail until December 9, 2011.

‘He was then detained again on February 20, 2013, and was still in custody in January 2015.

‘This detainee has been held in custody at taxpayers expense for over 46 months.’

‘It conflicts with the Home Office statement that detainees are only held in detention for as long as there is a reasonable chance of deporting them.’

Haslar holds up to 197 male detainees and in 2014 18 per cent of them were foreign national offenders, according to the IMB’s annual report.

The report praised gym staff who provide opportunities for sport.

But it said that smoking in shared accommodation areas can cause conflict between smokers and non-smokers.

‘The board is concerned that if this practice continues, particularly at night with detainees in lock down in their dormitories, injury could be sustained in any subsequent fire,’ it adds.

Mr Coleman added the board is in need of more members.