Report into police boss’ expenditure ‘totally wrong’

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THE police and crime commissioner has called a report that has criticised his spending ‘totally wrong’.

Simon Hayes, Hampshire’s PCC, said the TaxPayer’s Alliance (TPA) report into his office’s total cost was bizarre.

The report, released today, claims he spent £1,798,000 more in 2013/14 than the former police authority did in 2010/11.

But Mr Hayes said the TPA did not account for the £1,945,000 fund given to his office for community partnership schemes.

He says this explains the jump of expenditure between 2011/12, when the office did not get the fund, to the total in 2013/14.

The cash it receives in that fund was not spent on staff.

Mr Hayes said: ‘In 2013/14, PCCs received a new Community Safety Fund, which police authorities never received, to commission services from local organisations.

‘This was not new money as the Community Safety Fund grant given to each PCC was based on payments made directly by government to local organisations before the introduction of PCCs.’

He added the spend in budget – on office and staff costs – in 2013/14 was £147,000 less than the police authority in 2010/11.

The TPA report author, Harry Fairhead, said he stands by it.