Residents divided over increased sentence

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PEOPLE living in Garland Court have welcomed the increase in Samuel Armstrong’s sentence – but say it is still not enough.

One resident at the block of flats in Forton Road, where Andrew Toseland was attacked by Armstrong, said it should be ‘a life for a life.’

And Jim Urry, 63, who lives on the same floor as Nina Toseland and knew Andrew, insisted the sentence should be much longer.

He said: ‘He (Armstrong) should get longer. Andrew didn’t deserve that.

‘It’s a crying shame. I couldn’t believe the original sentence. I’d like to see him get 30 years.’

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: ‘It should be a life for a life. Nobody should go round doing that to somebody just because they’ve been asked to turn the music down.

‘It’s just disgusting. People are scared in their own homes.’

Ian Miller, 59, who did not know Andrew, said Armstrong’s sentence could have been extended much more but that the term was a long time.

He said: ‘It could have been increased more. But nine years is nine years.’

Christina Annan, 68, who has lived in the flats for 28 years, said the attack was ‘vicious’ but that she thinks Armstrong’s sentence has been increased enough for what he did.

‘He deserves it for what he done. Andrew was a really lovely fella,’ she said.

‘He was very good to his mum, he didn’t harm anybody. He didn’t deserve that at all.

‘The original sentence wasn’t enough.’

Christina added she was unsure whether the increased prison term would mean Armstrong would learn the error of his ways.

She added: ‘I think nine years is long enough.

‘Thank God he didn’t die but Andrew’s ruined for life now. He’s not as he was, it’s very horrible.

‘The attack was so vicious, to stamp on his head was a terrible thing.’

She added police have been quick to respond to any trouble at the flats since the attack on Mr Toseland in August last year.