Residents sign up to tackle speeding through villages

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VOLUNTEERS are joining police in the fight against speeding drivers.

A dozen people from Horndean, Clanfield and Rowlands Castle have joined Speedwatch, where residents try and reduce speeding in their area by actively monitoring traffic.

They will be stationed at hot spots with speed indicator devices which flash up the speed of motorists.

Although residents will not be able to dish out fines, they will pass the registration number of culprits to the police.

The speeding driver will get a letter from the police and if they are caught again they will get a visit from them. It is hoped that even just by having a community presence at the side of the road, drivers will slow down and be more careful.

Sergeant Gavin Parkes, who is overseeing Speedwatch, said: ‘The whole point is to educate and not to directly punish.

‘Full training in the use of the equipment, general safety considerations as well as conflict avoidance will be given by the police.

‘In relation to the locations of the Speedwatches, these will be rotated and continuously reviewed to ensure they are in the needed areas.’

Sgt Parkes said volunteers would not use speed guns.

Councillor Julie Butler, head of communities at East Hampshire District Council, said: ‘It’s a community scheme to try and slow the local residents down, make them aware of what they’re doing and try and prevent any accidents in residential areas.

‘They are not taking over from our traffic police. They have not got any booking rights, they certainly can’t issue fines.’

Speedwatch has proved a success in other parts of the country with a decrease in speeding from seven per cent to one per cent on weekdays and two per cent at weekends.

There will always be three volunteers on the roadside and they can only operate in areas with less than a 40mph limit.

The volunteers give up just a few hours a month and more are needed.

To join in an administrator role or as a co-ordinator email or call 101 leaving a message for the South of Butser beat team.