Reward after bikes stolen from outbuilding

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THE owner of two bikes stolen from a shed in Gosport is offering a reward for their return.

A burglar stole the uninsured distinctive bikes from a brick shed attached to a home in Wilmott Close. It happened overnight between 5.30pm on Monday and 7am yesterday.

Now Jools Bell, 42, is offering a £100 reward for each bike for information that leads to their recovery.

It took three years for her partner Dean Taylor, 44, to save up to buy and kit out the pink Kona Stinky Primo downhill bike and the black Kona Kula Watt lightweight carbon fibre racing bike.

The two were locked to each other with three locks, meaning the thief would have had to carry them out.

And the hinge on the padlocked wooden door was broken to get into the shed.

Ms Bell said: ‘It’s absolutely gutting. Because they’re so distinctive the thief will want to get rid of them straight away.

‘We’re putting up a reward because we’re desperate to get them back. They’re used every day, he absolutely loves his bikes.

‘He has them out every weekend working on them.

‘It’s taken three years to manage to afford all the parts and get them up and running as proper bikes.’

Ms Bell asked The News not to disclose their value.

Hampshire police advise installing an alarm in sheds and securing expensive items to an anchor point, along with marking items inside.

Call 101 with information.