Ring doorbell camera catches Portsmouth 'burglary suspect' red-handed after 'spate' of break-ins

A SUSPECTED burglar has been caught on a doorbell camera rummaging around a garage after a vigilant resident set a trap following a spate of break-ins.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 2:27 pm
Updated Monday, 29th July 2019, 8:24 am

Footage shows an unknown man inside a garage in Stubbington Avenue in Portsmouth rummaging around through a resident’s belongings.

Following reports from neighbours about similar incidents, 48-year-old IT manager Russ Clark installed a Ring doorbell camera in his garage.

The doorbell sends out an alert and plays footage direct to a mobile phone if it detects movement.

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The burglar inside Russ Clark's garage in Stubbington Avenue. Picture: Russ Clark

Mr Clark said watching someone in his garage was ‘pretty scary’.

‘I knew straight away that there was something or someone in there,’ he said.

‘It’s pretty scary because it was the middle of the night – you can’t see anything and I had no idea what would happen next.

‘I made a lot of noise and shouted, that seemed to scare them off.’

The burglar inside Russ Clark's garage in Stubbington Avenue. Picture: Russ Clark

According to Mr Clark the would-be thief or thieves are gaining access to the garages through a back alley.

While he moved his valuables back into the house, he fears others might not be so fortunate.

He said: ‘I suppose it’s easy pickings because all the garages back onto the alleyway.

‘My neighbour had two bikes stolen, and they will probably come back at some point – luckily I had put everything inside so there was nothing of value left in my garage.

‘CCTV is sometimes at a weird angle or too far away, so if people are able to get a camera like this in their garage that would go a long way to stopping them.’

A spokesman from Hampshire police said: ‘We have had three reports of burglary incidents in Stubbington Avenue, Portsmouth.

‘The first took place some time overnight on July 10. Two pushbikes were stolen from a garage.

‘Some time between 11pm on July 20 and midnight of July 21, a man was disturbed whilst trying to access a garage.

‘Overnight on 20 July a bike was stolen from a garden shed.

‘Enquiries are ongoing, and we would encourage anyone who has any information or has been effected to contact police on 101.’