Rise in burglaries lead to police giving advice

Scot Mackenzie

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RESIDENTS in Southsea are being given information by police on how to prevent burglaries after a recent rise of incidents in the area.

There have been concerns by police after four burglaries and two attempted burglaries have been reported in the area in less than a week.

They have been taking place both during the day and overnight in a number of roads including St Nicholas Street, Flint Street, Castle Close and King’s Road.

A range of items have been taken from the different premises including a computer, Blackberry mobile phone, a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, two iPad’s – one of which was in a black leather case – a wedding ring, other jewellery and £75 in cash.

A police spokeswoman said: ‘The neighbourhood team led by Sergeant Rob Sutton have been out giving residents information on how to prevent burglaries.

‘There is no evidence at this time to suggest the burglaries in the area are linked.’

Police crime prevention advice for burglaries says to ensure side gates are locked, rear fencing is in good repair, all windows and doors are locked and to remove valuables from view of ground floor windows.