Rise in train attacks – but crime falls overall

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THE number of violent and sexual offences on the railways has risen by more than 11 per cent in a year.

Figures from the British Transport Police reveal that in 2014/15 in Hampshire, Sussex, Berkshire, Kent, Oxfordshire and Surrey, there were 2,289 violent offences recorded.

But, during the same period, overall crime on the railways has fallen for an 11th consecutive year – down by 7.5 per cent.

The theft of passenger property has reduced by 15.2 per cent.

Superintendent Simon Taylor, who leads the policing of BTP’s south sub division, said: ‘The force works closely with industry partners and stakeholders to deliver a safe, secure, reliable and expanding transport system.

‘The figures show that, compared to the previous year, there were 420 fewer incidents of theft of passenger property on the network, as BTP continues to make the rail network hostile environment for thieves.

‘Everyone should have the right to travel on the railway without the fear of their possessions being stolen and through Operation Magnum, members of the public are educated about tactics of thieves, so they can prevent themselves being a victim of crime.’