Robber with fake gun told staff from Clanfield shop he would ‘blow their brains out’

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A ROBBER carrying an imitation firearm shouted at shopworkers he would ‘blow their brains out’, a court heard.

Anthony Journet is on trial at Portsmouth Crown Court charged with robbery and having an imitation fireman with intent.

Prosecutor Colin Banham opened the case yesterday and told the jury that a robber went into the Co-op store in Clanfield with a plastic gun painted black.

Mr Banham played the jury CCTV footage from the shop in White Dirt Lane, which showed the raider, in a hi-vis jacket, wearing dark gloves and a black balaclava, waving the fake gun around.

In his opening statement, Mr Banham said: ‘One of the employees in the shop was brave enough to stand in the way of the door.

‘The robber waved his gun and threatened to blow their brains out if he did not get out of the way.’

Four employees were at the Co-op at the time of the robbery at 9.47pm on May 12 this year.

Mr Banham told the jury that one of the employees was told by the robber not to do anything or he would be shot. He was then told to empty the till.

The robber made it out with a few packets of cigarettes and between £140 and £160.

The jury was shown a black, plastic gun which they were told was found at the house of the defendant, of Botley Drive, Leigh Park, when it was searched by police two weeks after the robbery.

Mr Banham added that police found a red Nissan car at the address of the defendant which he said matched the description of the getaway car from the robbery that a witness had seen.

In the car, officers found a hi-vis jacket and black grey gloves.

Mr Banham said: ‘The crown will not say they were the same gloves that the robber used but they are similar.’

He went on to tell the jury that officers found a black imitation fire arm in a rucksack under the defendant’s sofa.

A balaclava with a painted black front was found along with a black bag with a long shoulder strap that Mr Banham said was ‘like that carried by the robber’.

Journet denies the charges.