Rogue builder gets £28,000 fine for his shoddy work

WHAT A STATE Mess left at the house in Fareham
WHAT A STATE Mess left at the house in Fareham
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A ROGUE builder has been ordered to pay more than £28,000 in fines and compensation after leaving a home in such a state that it could have collapsed.

Fareham Borough Council prosecuted Shane Truckle, director of Tailored Carpentry Ltd, for 26 offences relating to building regulations at a project he was contracted for in Kiln Road, Fareham.

Truckle, of Woodlands Close in Sarisbury Green, was found guilty in his absence at Fareham Magistrates’ Court for a raft of offences, including failure to provide adequate waterproofing, failure to provide adequate thermal insulation and failure to provide adequate structural support.

The 32-year-old was fined £5,200 for the breaches, and ordered to pay £4,540 in costs, and a £15 victim surcharge.

He was also ordered to pay compensation to the homeowner of £18,423, for a total of £28,178.

Truckle had been hired to renovate a conservatory to build an extension, adding new dormer windows to the existing loft rooms and a range of internal alterations.

Paul Gosling, the council building control area team manager, visited the home on September 26 last year, and found Tailored Carpentry Ltd had left the site unfinished and the house unfit to live in.

The site was covered in piles of builders’ waste and rubbish. There was no heating, the electrical work was unfinished and parts of the property were not watertight.

The structure of the building itself also appeared inadequate in places.

Truckle had quoted £37,000 to carry out the building works and homeowner Lisa Overington had paid him £32,023.05 – 86 per cent of the contract value.

Truckle was given nine opportunities to attend an interview under caution, but either declined or ignored requests to attend.

Mr Gosling said: ‘During my 17 years’ experience in building control this is potentially one of the worst examples of building practices I have witnessed from a builder.

‘Tailored Carpentry Ltd created a notable number of significant defects, many structural defects, which if not corrected could have resulted in structural collapse of areas of the building.’

Councillor Trevor Cartwright, who is in charge of the building control partnership, said: ‘The offences represented a serious and dangerous breach of building regulations which had potentially put the homeowner at significant risk.

‘I am pleased that the courts have ordered the builder to pay a considerable amount of compensation to the owner to assist with the rebuilding of her home.’