Roofer, 33, kicked police officer in the face after being handcuffed at Wecock Farm 'incident'

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A ROOFER has narrowly avoided jail after kicking a police officer in the face.

As he was sentenced frantic Barry Leonard span round in the dock and gesticulated to a supporter –  earlier thrown out of court – through a door window indicating he was going to prison for eight weeks.

Portsmouth Magistrates' Court               Picture: Chris Moorhouse

Portsmouth Magistrates' Court Picture: Chris Moorhouse

Pointing downstairs to the cells and holding up eight fingers the 33-year-old was interrupted by magistrates who blasted him: ‘You’re not even listening are you?’

Homeless Leonard span back round, apologised and realised he was being given a suspended jail term.

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Prosecutor Alicia Keen had told the court how police were called to Glebe Close, Wecock Farm, to an incident.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard drunken Leonard was arrested and put in handcuffs.

‘He complained one handcuff was too tight, that handcuff was loosened in order to reset it by one of the officers.

‘At which point Mr Leonard started becoming quite aggressive and strained against the handcuff.

‘During the course of that he kicked (the) PC in the jaw and also in the chest. In his statement he says he was kicked in the face, lower jaw, felt momentary discomfort , and was kicked again in the left chest area.

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‘At that point he was arrested further for assault.’

The incident happened at around 10.39pm on September 17.

Leonard faced no further action over the initial incident. Howard Barrington-Clark, mitigating, said: ‘That is why he’s so incensed, knowing he hasn't done anything.’

Magistrates imposed an eight-week jail term suspended for a year.

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Leonard, who admitted assaulting an emergency worker today, must complete 15 days rehabilitation activities.

He must pay £100 compensation, £85 prosecution costs and a £122 victim surcharge.

Leonard was spared jail as he has been out of trouble for eight years.