Row between South Parade Pier owners and arcade management escalates

DISPUTE South Parade Pier, Southsea. Picture: Paul Jacobs (122983-16)
DISPUTE South Parade Pier, Southsea. Picture: Paul Jacobs (122983-16)

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POLICE have been called out again to deal with a confrontation between arcade staff and management at Southsea’s South Parade Pier.

Fred Nash and Dawn Randall, joint owners of the pier, are locked in a dispute with Southsea Capital Limited – the firm which owns the arcade – over claims it has failed to pay its rent.

Mr Nash says he has issued the arcade’s management with a notice to quit.

But staff at the arcade called police out at 12.30am and 3.45pm yesterday, as they fear the owners are illegally trying to shut them down.

Owain Harris, owner of Southsea Capital Limited, said: ‘This has been relentless,

‘I got a call from the arcade manager to say he thought the landlord wanted to turn the electricity off.

‘And at 12.30am yesterday, the nightwatchman felt threatened so had to call the police.

‘It’s terrible, the manager is bearing the brunt of it everyday.

‘We’re just desperate to sort this out.’

The pier is due to be sold at an auction next month.