Rowlands Castle pensioner ‘sexually abused young girls’

Reginald Pinhorne arriving at Portsmouth Crown Court
Reginald Pinhorne arriving at Portsmouth Crown Court
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Reginald Pinhorne faces five multiple incident counts of indecent assault relating to two alleged victims who were aged under 16 at the time.

Pinhorne is accused of raping one of the girls and faces a multiple incident count of attempting to rape her.

He is alleged to have committed those crimes between 1995 and 2004.

In a further charge involving different alleged victims, he is accused of one count of voyeurism between 2008 and 2009.

Pinhorne denies all eight charges relating to the victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard married Pinhorne sexually assaulted two girls at his then home in Rowlands Castle.

Pinhorne allegedly raped and repeatedly attempted to rape one of them at the property.

Robert Bryan prosecuting, said of Pinhorne: ‘He told her “nobody will know” and “don’t worry about it”.

‘She [the victim] said she recalled feeling angry.

‘She took that anger out on her mother.’

Mr Bryan added: ‘She said she felt sick and that it was her fault.’

Police interviewed one of the girls in 2004 after concerns were reported.

The court heard, however, that at that time she felt unable to proceed.

Then in 2012 Pinhorne was arrested again after a camera was found in a girl’s bedroom after it fell to the floor from the headboard of a bed while the room was being cleared.

Police were called in and searched the property, in south-east Hampshire, where they found cables tracked around to a bedroom occupied by another girl.

Space for another camera was found in a mirror in a bedroom.

The court heard there was no camera there, but cables were still present. Police found other cables and wiring in the bedrooms.

Pinhorne of Chichester, was later charged with voyeurism by constructing a structure or part of a structure for enabling himself for the purposes of sexual gratification, on order to observe another person.

He was also charged with the seven other offences

The trial is expected to last up to four weeks.