Roxanne Davis and ex-partner Samuel Davies given 10-year jail terms for causing death of baby Stanley in Gosport

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A SADISTIC couple who mercilessly tortured their baby before it died from a ‘brutal’ skull fracture will spend a combined total of 20 years in jail for their horrific crime after being sentenced.

Roxanne Davis, 30, and Samuel Davies, 24, were handed down 10-year prison terms each at Winchester Crown Court this morning after they were both found guilty of causing or allowing the death of baby Stanley during their stormy relationship.

Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies

Roxanne Davis and Samuel Davies

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Mum Davis, who lashed out at her former lover by calling him a ‘murderer’ when her guilty verdict was returned last week, flipped out again as her sentence for the death of her 24-day old son, began to sink in.

The unhinged Gosport woman shouted out ‘he’s a murderer - he’s done this not me’.

As she was taken down, she added: ‘Thanks everyone.’

Undated handout video still issued by Hampshire Police of Stanley Davis. Picture: Hampshire Police

Undated handout video still issued by Hampshire Police of Stanley Davis. Picture: Hampshire Police

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Davies, just as when he was found guilty, could only muster a mild shake of the head as he faced up to spending the next years of his life behind bars for his part in the chilling death of a baby that biologically was not his.

The vile pair, who could have received up to 14 years prison for the crime, were told they could put in five years before being put on licence. 

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The couple paid the price for their prolonged stint of child abuse at their previous address at Garland Court in Forton Road, Gosport, last year. Both defendants’ attempts to exonerate themselves and blame their former partner during the trial ultimately failed.

Stanley died of a fatal skull fracture and brain haemorrhage on March 28.

The helpless baby was subjected to 32 gruesome fractures to his ribs and nine fractures to his arms and legs during three separate occasions – many of which were brutal re-fractures, jurors heard during the harrowing five-week trial.

Judge Jane Miller QC, who told jurors last week they had reached ‘absolutely the right decision’ following four days of deliberations, said: ‘I cannot be sure which one of you it was that delivered the fatal blow but the other ought to have foreseen the risk. You failed to take steps to protect Stanley and are therefore equally culpable.

‘Either one of you should have stood up to the other one and removed Stanley from danger.’

Prior to sentence in mitigation, Davis barrister Katie Thorne QC still maintained the mum was not responsible. ‘It’s always been our case she did not cause the injuries,’ she said.

Ms Thorne added: ‘There were steps taken (to protect Stanley) but we accept they were not enough. Stanley’s death has had a profound impact on her.’

Defending Davies, Sally Howes QC admitted there was ‘undeniable brutality’ that led to Stanley’s death before adding: ‘The fact Mr Davies had no outpouring of emotion does not mean he does not feel remorse and he wants to express his sadness and feelings of guilt.’

Davis, of Lee Road, Gosport, and Davies, of Mayfield Road, Southampton, were sent down to begin their sentences.

Hampshire Safeguarding Children Board is to conduct a serious case review into Stanley’s death.